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The ERC project GLOBHEALTH is administered by the Center for Research on Science, Medicine, Health and Society (Cermes3) inParis, a joint unit of the CNRS, EHESS, Inserm and the University of Paris Descartes. One of the biggest research units in Europe on the recent reconfiguration of the relations between science, medicine and society, the Cermes3 explores from an interdisciplinary angle a number of key themes such as pharmaceutical innovation, cancer and clinical practices, the history of psychiatry, drug addictions, the history and sociology of medicines, or again handicap. The PharmAsia Network feeds the Center's research axis "Innovation, Globalization and Politicization".





The Institute of Health and Society (Helsam) at the University of Oslo considers health and well being to be influenced by the culture and society we live in. Research in the Department of Community Medicine tries to produce knowledge about relations in a society that influence the populations' likelihood to stay healthy or become sick. The section of Medical Anthropology and Medical History focuses on the cultural and historical dimensions of health and illness/disease with interests in the following fields : disability, reproductive health, Asian medicine, medicalization of everyday life, history of medical standardisation, history of infectious disease.